A Respectful Approach to People Seeking Asylum

I believe that our country can do far better in assisting refugees and asylum seekers. It is vital that any policy in this area has at its core dignity, respect and safety for people seeking asylum.

I have been a vocal presence in the Parliament and the Labor Party for fairer policy on refugees and asylum seekers, and secured a number of commitments from Labor in the lead up to the election that would have made a real difference to the lives of asylum seekers.

Our policies would have ended indefinite detention, increased our refugee intake, removed everyone from Manus and Nauru, ended Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) and would have reduced assessment times to a 90-day window. It would have provided those seeking asylum with health care, with access to the services and resources they need and would have improved outcomes for so many.

In October 2018, I advocated alongside members of the Labor Party, members from the crossbench and even members of the Government to introduce, and then pass, the Medevac Legislation into the House of Representatives.

I am so proud of this legislation, and am working with my colleagues to protect it from the Coalition’s efforts to repeal it.