We are facing a climate emergency and our community knows it – climate is one of the issues I hear about most and one that demands urgent action.

With a huge amount of support from my electorate, I negotiated changes to Labor’s platform to recognise and respond to the climate emergency.

Only Labor will break the deadlock of six years of inaction on climate change and deliver a record investment in renewable energy. Labor will tackle the climate emergency, reduce our emissions and protect our environment.


If elected, Labor will:

  • Deliver the biggest ever investment in renewable energy. We’ll subsidise solar batteries for 100,000 homes and make sure renters and social housing residents can benefit from cheaper and cleaner renewable energy.
  •  Deliver $100,000 for tree planting to improve Cooper’s green spaces and $1 million to restore Merri and Darebin Creek.
  • Make Australia a world leader in waste and recycling. We’ll ban microbeads and single-use plastic bags.
  • Protect workers’ livelihoods with a Just Transition Authority to ensure that workers in the coal-fired power sector are skilled up to work in the renewables sector.
  • Deliver a new Environment Act and an independent EPA to provide fearless and rigorous advice to protect the environment.
  • Drive down pollution with a national electric vehicle target and by extending the pollution ‘safeguard mechanism’ with incentives for the big polluters to reduce emissions.
  • Invest $60 million in a national recycling fund and a national container deposit scheme.
  • Invest $10 billion into the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for clean energy projects. 

I’ve held a number of community forums with Labor’s Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Mark Butler MP, allowing our community the chance to have their say on our climate and energy policy . This has been incredibly useful and I thank all members of our community that have had their say.

Labor’s plan is comprehensive, it’s ambitious, and it’s achievable. It is a plan to act now.