NBN - Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is the NBN?

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Australian history. It was originally set up in 2009, by the previous Labor government, with the aim of providing super fast broadband to Australian households and businesses using fibre based technology. Since 2013, it has adopted an approach of utilising existing copper and cable networks, as directed by the current Liberal/National Coalition government.



What are the different types of NBN technology and which do I have/will I get?

You can check which technology is/will be installed at your property by searching on the NBN Co Website.

The different technologies that the NBN use to connect you to the internet include:

  • FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) - This is where a fibre optic line is run all the way to your property. This is the fastest and most reliable technology used and is the one that was in Labor's original plan.
  • FTTN (Fibre to the Node) - Here, NBN Co. run fibre to a cabinet (or 'node') on your street and then connect it with the existing copper network to reach your property. Due to the use of copper instead of fibre and the extra infrastructure of the node, the maximum speeds that can be achieved are lower than FTTP. This technology is part of the current Coalition Government's roll out plan.
  • FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) - This is where fibre is extended close to your property. Here it is connected to the existing copper network for the final distance to your house. This technology still uses copper, but cuts out 90% that would otherwise be used in an FTTN connection.
  • FTTB (Fibre to the basement/building) - FTTB is generally used when NBN are connecting an apartment block or similar type of building to the network. From there it's distributed to your individual apartment/unit using whatever existing building infrastructure is in place.
  • HFC (Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial) - This technology is used in circumstances where the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to reach your property.
  • Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster - These technologies are used in regional and remote areas. They are not used in the electorate of Cooper.

I'm not connected to the NBN yet, when will it be available in my area?

The NBN has already been rolled out in some parts of Cooper but some areas are still waiting for it to be installed. You can search your address on the NBN website to see when you will be connected.

I have a problem with my NBN, who should I contact?

If you already have an NBN connection, your first step should be to contact your service provider. If you're having a problem regarding the installation of you NBN or similar,  contact the NBN Co.

If you've tried your service provider and/or the NBN Co. and they were unable to help, you can contact my office at [email protected] or on (03) 9416 8690.