I’ve been fighting for better conditions for Australian workers for decades. There’s nothing I’m more practiced at. In Australia there is a growing sense that people are being left behind - prices are rising but wages aren’t keeping up. Inequality is at a seventy-year high and insecure work is a serious problem. Apprenticeships are disappearing. Privatisation has not delivered more jobs but it has made services more expensive. Corporate profits are going up - and going offshore - but local wages are not increasing. Australians need a pay rise.

Labor is the only party with a plan to fix these issues. Labor has announced the following policies to make sure Australians have access to good secure jobs with decent wages.  

  • Same Job, Same Pay: Labor will protect workers and ensure they get a fair deal by tackling unfair labour hire, cracking down on dodgy labour hire companies that rip off and exploit workers.
  • Penalty rates: Labor will restore penalty rates in our first 100 days of government and legislate so that they can never be cut again.
  • Collective bargaining: Labor will ensure that collective bargaining is not undermined by corporate gaming of our industrial relations laws, including by preventing the use of sham enterprise agreements and employers simply terminating agreements instead of bargaining. Labor will abolish zombie WorkChoices agreements.
  • Fair Work: Labor will reform the definition of ‘casual’ so that it is used for the purposes for which it was originally intended, will prevent employers forcing their workers into sham contracting arrangements to avoid direct employment, and will work to close the gender pay gap.
  • Worker exploitation: Labor will introduce a national labour hire licensing scheme, reverse the onus of proof for franchisor liability for underpayment of wages, increase penalties for employers and dodgy directors who deliberately avoid paying their employees’ entitlements and will introduce a Modern Slavery Act.
  • Family Violence Leave: Labor will provide 10 days paid family violence leave for all workers who need it.
  • ABCC: Labor will abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

When we stand up for working people and their communities, and when we listen to business concerns, we stand up for a fairer, more equitable, more inclusive Australia – and a more prosperous Australia.