STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS: Coalition Government & Climate Change

27 October 2021

Well, step up, step up to the not-so-greatest show on earth. It may not be great, but it is a circus, complete with a ringmaster and definitely with clowns. Oh, send in the clowns! The minister for energy and reducing emissions thinks he does a good job. He said so himself. He quotes stats showing emissions are down, but nearly all the reductions happened despite him, thanks to the states, industry, COVID restrictions and, of course, the Labor Party, who oversaw the vast majority of the reductions that he claims. And there's the newly minted cabinet member, the Minister for Resources and Water—'roll up, roll up to solar panels that don't work in the dark; you'll be amazed!' See the Deputy Prime Minister pulling tricks out of his hat, with an agreement to go forward to go forward to somewhere magical—who knows where? And there's the senator in Queensland, the climate denier, who doesn't believe in polls showing that the vast majority of people in Australia want climate action, but he does believe in polling showing that the LNP is lagging behind. He wants to campaign against the Deputy Prime Minister's plan of going forward to somewhere by, presumably, going backwards to nowhere. It's going to be great! And the poor member for Mallee let a slip of the tongue through about wind turbines not working in the dark—a mistake, for sure, but she joined the circus and she can't escape the show and hear the Prime Minister's ringmaster cry, 'The plan, the plan, the plan!' Oh, it will not amaze you at all!