STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS: Deputy Prime Minister

23 June 2021


Just when you thought this government couldn't get any more shambolic, it's back to Barnaby. The member for New England is the new old Deputy Prime Minister, gifted to us by the Nats. Immediately, they are emboldened to take us all back to the fifties.

The first thing we now hear out of the party room is that the Nats are emboldened to have debates such as child care being seen as 'outsourcing parenting'. Here's news: most families can't afford to live on one wage and both parents have to work; kids can't look after themselves. Oh, and women! Women have careers too! Yesterday in question time the Deputy Prime Minister said that women in agriculture are only good enough to be partners with men. Well, here is news: women can do it for themselves, and they do.

It's back to the dark ages on climate—no deal on net zero by 2050. In fact, the Deputy Prime Minister couldn't even say the words 'climate change' when asked about his view on net zero. I bet he'll be bringing a lump of coal into the House before we know it. It will be back to that old gem. Here's news: renewable energy is cheap; it brings jobs—thousands of them—like with our plan to upgrade the grid, have wind farms and mine rare earths for batteries. But what are they doing? They're mucking up like spoiled brats over there, trying to get a decent deal with the Murray-Darling Basin.