MEDIA RELEASE: Local Mechanics to Benefit from Labor's 'Your Car, Your Choice' Plan

05 May 2019

I am thrilled that local mechanics are set to benefit from Labor’s plan to make car manufacturers share their technical information so that cars can be serviced by any mechanic.

It’s expected that the reform will not only deliver savings to drivers, who will have better choice and easier access to repairs, but also create a level playing field for independent mechanics who will be able to stay in business as a result.

I visited Michael at Jax Tyres Preston to have a chat with him about Labor's announcement. Michael said with cars getting more technical, it’s frustrating not to be able to access all the relevant information to service cars.

Thankfully Labor has a plan to fix this. We are sticking up for small businesses and local traders by giving car owners the ability to choose their local mechanic when going for servicing and repairs.