Op-Eds, Speeches & Transcripts

SPEECH: The Role of Government in the Anxious Century

04 October 2019

Dean's Lecture Series at Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Australians are more anxious than ever. Work is increasingly insecure and hard to find, our planet is burning, everything costs more while our wages are stuck and it feels like we are only ever one moment away from world war three. What is the role of government in securing people’s lives with decent employment and a sustainable future?

SPEECH: National Apprentice Employment Conference

02 August 2019

Speech to the National Apprentice Employment Conference on the importance of high quality skills and training.

SPEECH (Labor National Conference 2018): Refugee Policy

17 December 2018

Speech to the 2018 Labor National Conference, moving significant amendments to the refugee chapter. 

SPEECH (Labor National Conference 2018): Climate Emergency

16 December 2018

Speech to the 2018 Labor National Conference declaring a climate emergency. 

SPEECH: The Release From Fear - Climate Action and the Economic Transition

31 October 2018

Speech to the Victorian Fabians' 2018 Spring Series for 2018, co-hosted by the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) on climate action and the economic transition; the challenges to be met and the tensions to be managed in a policy setting.